About Anuncia

Conceptualized in 2014 in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital and spun out of Alcyone Therapeutics in 2018, Anuncia’s patented portfolio of technologies are intended to provide peace-of-mind through innovation.

Our core ReFlow™ technology uses a simple finger depression of a soft silicone dome located under the patient’s scalp to produce a noninvasive, one-way flush of the patient’s own CSF directed toward the ReFlow™ catheter to restore or increase CSF flow through a non-flowing shunt and potentially avoid emergency surgery. 

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The name Anuncia comes from Panthera Uncia, the species name of the snow leopard. These animals live in mountainous regions of Asia and have been called by the World Wildlife Foundation “Guardians of the Headwaters” as they roam the headwater areas of the western basins.

The origin of the word hydrocephalus comes from the Greek hudrokephalon, from hudro ‘water’+ kephalē ‘head’. The snow leopard, or Guardian of the Headwaters, is a symbol of Anuncia’s dedication to improve daily quality of life for the millions of underserved patients with hydrocephalus and other CSF disorders, as well as their families, who suffer from the clinical, economic, and emotional burden of repeat revision brain surgery due to VP shunt occlusions.

The Anuncia Executive Team

The Anuncia team consists of scientists, clinicians, engineers, patients, and professionals with a depth of expertise in hydrocephalus and medical technology innovation. Our focus is to develop an innovative therapeutic platform of products to address the unmet clinical needs in the management of CSF disorders.

Elsa Chi Abruzzo

RAC, FRAPS - President & CEO

Natalie Stevens

Chief Financial Officer

David Szabo

VP, Product Development & Operations

Lucia Buehler

VP, Strategy and Commercialization

Dave Watson

VP, Technology

Natalie Eagleburger

Senior Director of Regulatory, Clinical, and Quality

Natalie Landman

Director of Research

Board of Directors

Richard Upton


PJ Anand

David Donabedian

Edgar D. Jannotta, Jr.

Stephen Oesterle, MD

Stanton Rowe

Elsa Chi Abruzzo

President & CEO


Ramin Eskandari, MD
Michael Muhonen, MD
Mark Luciano, MD
Joe Madsen, MD
Ziev Moses, MD
Sudhakar Vadivelu, DO
Christy Holland, PhD
Bryn Martin, PhD
Matthew Dowling, PhD