For Clinicians

At Anuncia Medical, we know that you want to deliver the right hydrocephalus treatment solution to meet your patient’s diverse needs. In order to do that, you need a robust shunt system in your tool kit.

The problem is that most shunts fail from occlusion. Blockages of the ventricular catheter may be due to high protein levels, tissue ingrowth, over-drainage, and need to be surgically “revised” to replace the occluded catheter. The constant threat of shunt failure makes it difficult for patients and their families to resume their normal lives, the lives you are trying to help them regain.

Shunt systems lack the capability to reliably and consistently flush the ventricular catheter to noninvasively clear catheter blockages and maintain patency, which is why the ReFlow™ was conceived over 10 years ago by a Pediatric Neurosurgeon. The “Gen 1” system was rigorously tested and implanted in over 30 hydrocephalus patients with 2-4+ year outcomes reported in published data. See our next generation “ReFlow™ System Mini” presentation, and mirror strong patient outcomes by adding the ReFlow™ Mini Flusher to your existing shunt system configuration.

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