AANS 2020 Abstract 1487 – Return of Flow in a Nonflowing Shunt using a Noninvasive Bioinspired Retrograde Flushing Device: Demonstration by Thermal Flow Detection.

AANS 2020 Abstract 1446 – Initial Experience with the ReFlow Shunt Device and Prophylactic Flushing in Pediatrics.

AANS 2020 Abstract 1517 – 1-Year Cost Avoidance Model of a Retrograde Flushing System for Ventricular Catheters in Pediatric Hydrocephalus Patients.

ISHCF 2019 Section O53 (Muhonen) – Initial Clinical Experience with a Novel Ventricular Catheter and Flushing System for Hydrocephalus Patients Prone to Proximal Catheter Occlusions.